Gun Control or Bomb Control: Same Difference: You Can’t Stop Anyone From Using a Gun or a Bomb to Kill People

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April 15, 2013 – Today we had a terrible thing happen to innocent people in Boston. People out having a good old American time not bothering anyone. Families enjoying time together watching the Boston Marathon. All ages were in attendance. Then, in one split second their lives changed forever. One or more people detonated two IEDs, improvised explosive device type bombs with the pure intent to injure and kill people. They succeeded. It was a classic military style personnel attack with multiple bombings aimed at mass casualties. A diversion bomb followed by a second primary bomb.

We don’t yet know if it was Islamic, Domestic, or just some nut with a grudge that committed this act. Bomb makers have a specific recipe for their products and our law enforcement will be able to determine which group may have done this.

The terrorist probably purchased their bomb making materials from a Home Depot or even Walmart. They did not need a permit or background check to purchase anything needed to build a killer bomb. All they needed were internet instructions and basic household chemicals that most people already have in their kitchens or garages. They probably spent less money on one bomb than the cost of a single semi automatic hand gun.

At last count there were over 120 people injured in the Boston terrorist attack. Others died. It was a successful attack. It took less than one second to to inflict death and carnage to all those people.

If you add the other 3 bombs that were found that did not detonate, we might be talking about several hundred victims of this terrorist attack. All of which would have taken mere seconds to accomplish.

There is no handgun that could have done that much damage in that little time. There is no law that could have prevented this from happening. There is no law that can prevent a criminal from using a hand gun to commit mass murder. There is no law that could have prevented the Sandy Hook massacre, Columbine or any other mass killing using a firearm as a weapon. You cannot stop bad people from doing bad things. Gun control disarms innocent people and makes them vulnerable to attack. Gun control will not work.

What happens when one of these terrorists, or just some crazy person decides to target an elementary school with a bomb that was built from chemicals purchased at your local hardware store? Then what? Tell me. What will be the politically correct reaction then?

So what now? Are we to expect the Obama administration to require back ground checks for those of us purchasing everyday household cleaning supplies? Maybe we will be limited on how many bottles of ammonia we can purchase or limit what combinations of items we can purchase together at one sale.

“Sir, please show me your drivers license and sign this ATF paper which will keep track of your cleaning supply purchases.”  -JRoycroft

Written by John Roycroft

04/15/2013 at 10:43 PM

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  1. So we just keep the flow going, right???


    Angry Rationalist

    04/16/2013 at 12:13 AM

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