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 Pretty much sums it up. You sissy ultrasensitive parents that raised these kids to become ignorant fools are to blame. 

Written by John Roycroft

05/21/2016 at 12:05 PM

Pissing Contest

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Where to start? My goodness there is so much going on in the news today and so many oddballs forcing their own beliefs upon us all. Our world has found itself engaged in one giant pissing contest.

How does less than 1.5% of our population manage to dictate who and what gets to use our public restrooms? With so much garbage being spewed back and forth by politicians in this current joke of a presidential campaign, it seems to me that this country has a big problem with priorities.

Proggies just can’t seem to get their thoughts in order when it comes to which group is screwing who. On one hand they complain about the top 1 per-centers controlling everything. You know, those mean old billionaires that create and provide jobs. Then there’s the bottom feeders, the less than half of 1% that really rule and dictate policy, the LGBT crowd. Now don’t get me wrong here, when I refer to the LGBT crowd, it’s only the politically motivated handful that’s stirring up and spewing their intolerance of the majority of Americans. The ones that seek out and file lawsuits against privately owned businesses that they truly couldn’t care less about otherwise, except to make a political statement for their own politically correct agendas. How else would anyone pay any attention to them? After all, the main stream media is in bed with them and it helps ratings. It’s like that guy in a wheel chair rolling around town seeing how many business he can’t easily roll into so he can file a lawsuit. It’s how he makes a living. He doesn’t even eat cake, but if he can’t roll his wheel chair through the front door he files his lawsuit. On to the next one. He makes a good living cashing in and gets the media attention which turns his job into a political agenda. That’s why a cake store was forced out of business. Some gay person chose that one business they knew wouldn’t bake a cake for a gay couple so they sued. An average person would have been pissed off and just chose to never do business there again. Instead they decided it was an easy way to get media attention around the LGBT movement by filing a lawsuit. Tell me, why would you force someone to bake you a cake if you believed they were racist or homophobe? Why would you even consider doing business with them to begin with? Because America puts up with this sort of nonsense, that’s why!

It’s no different from when they tried to shut down Truett Cathy because he stood by his religious beliefs. It didn’t matter that he employed gays. It only mattered to the LGBT crowd that he had a difference in religious beliefs than they. So in their warped intolerant minds, Cathy was a racist homophobe and needed to be put out of business. Chic-fil-A stood strong and continues to do more good for society than the intolerant members of LGBT political movement.

It’s no great secret that Americans have become less supportive of our nations Constitution and more incline to bend over and take it by a handful of insensitive, intolerant LGBT types. This idea that it’s perfectly ok for a mentally ill person who can’t seem to get a grasp on why he was born with a penis or why she was born with a uterus should be allowed, without question, to join the legitimate opposite sex in relieving themselves or showering together is insane.

Oh and yes, I did refer to Trannys as mentally ill. I have no issues with homosexuals. I understand and believe that they did not just wake up one morning and decide, “Hey, I think I’m going to be sexually attracted to my same sex!” That’s not how that works. It’s already been proven it wasn’t a choice. They were born to be homosexual.

Now you take someone like Bruce Caitlin Jenner, born a man, decided after much thought that he wanted to become a woman…that my friends is not normal. He was born with a penis and until a he can be retrofitted with a uterus and can expel a naturally born child from his womb, he will remain a man with or without a dick.

So yes I believe Bruce Jenner has a serious mental issue that someone should be addressing and not praising him for being a confused individual.

Don’t get me started on you parents that thinks it’s all cute and ok to send your little boy to school in a dress just because he wants to be a girl. Then you get your panties in a wad and want to file lawsuits when he isn’t allowed to go pee or shower with the girls at school. You parents are part of the problem. What is going on in that warped mind of yours that really makes you think its ok to screw up an innocent little child like that? He will have plenty of time to do that on his own once he moves out. He certainly doesn’t need mommy and daddy encouraging him to be sexually confused. If he prefers peeing sitting down like his daddy then fine, but keep him out my daughters restroom while he does it.

Of course the fix for this current stupid trend of genderless restrooms is to only have one, two or three. Male, Female and Other. If it’s my business I have two, both of which are for all types. Of course only one of you gets to enter at a time. Problem solved. Screw the government.

Americans have lost their will to fight and stand up for common good of our country. No one seems to care anymore. Then someone like me expresses an opinion which, oh by the way is shared by many of you, is called a racist, homophobe etc. To those I say ~~Yawn~~ You couldn’t explain the true meaning of the word racist if your progressive life depended on it. I’ll kindly give you a pass for being ignorant.

After all is said and done, the biggest winner of this giant pissing contest will be Donald Trump – Because you people thought it was ok to not vote for the last 8 years and let this country go to hell and become controlled by moron millennials and myrmidons. Now the tide has turned. The jokes on you and this guy will be laughing his ass off on inauguration day.

Until next time -JRoycroft


Written by John Roycroft

05/15/2016 at 3:00 PM


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Written by John Roycroft

02/14/2016 at 12:51 PM

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Money can’t buy everything

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It certainly doesn’t buy a better government education. 


Written by John Roycroft

02/07/2016 at 9:15 PM


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This is a personal rant about the grocery choices in my own home town, Newnan, Ga.

I keep hearing about Krispy Kreme Donuts and and a few other new fast food choices coming here and that’s all fine and good if your goal in life is to be fat and raise your kids on fast food. Knock yourselves out.

Not me. My kids are lucky if they ever see the inside of a burger chain unless their grandparents sneak them in, which has happened a time or two.

Here’s my complaint. Our choices here for decent groceries are Kroger and Publix. Of course there’s always that emergency stand by choice of Walmart, which has the absolute worst quality of produce available to it’s customers. Nothing truly fresh comes from the Newnan Walmart produce section. Absolutely disgusting.

What I want to see come here, as do many other locals are two things…. We desperately need a Whole Foods Market for good healthy choices and we need a Trader Joes as a back up for the same reason.

Oh but the recent big news is about the new ALDIS coming to Newnan. Ever shopped at ALDIS? Sure they have a very limited selection of organic stuff but it stops right there. The choices are limited and not much on the quality either.

I’m quite frankly getting tired of driving 45 miles to Atlanta each weekend just to pick up our weekly produce and organic foods. I moved to Newnan to get away from the city but seems like I just can’t seem to get away from it.

While I’m complaining, there are a few other things Newnan could use… A really good steak house. We had one but when the Cellar relocated apparently so did the quality and ambiance of romantic fine dining. Now it’s just another mediocre place to be compared to an Applebees at best. Apparently deciding to relocate across the street from a noisy fire station took priority over quiet dining.

Of course on those occasions when junk food is a necessity we need a Mellow Mushroom pizza joint, a good wing joint like Roosters, a good hot dog joint and finally a really great BBQ place. I’m sorry but the “famous” bbq place that’s been here in Newnan since 1920 something has the worst excuse for Brunswick Stew I have ever tasted. It can best be described as a thick pasty concoction of creamed something with bbq sauce mixed in. Their bbq pork is no competition for any of the small joints Ive tried in the surrounding counties.

So there you go Newnan. Hate on me all you want but you know I’m right. -JRoycroft

Written by John Roycroft

02/07/2016 at 6:23 PM

Bernie Sanders will never be POTUS

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First of all we would have to rewrite our Constitution. That’s not going to happen. It’s one of the few things we have left that’s holding us together right now.

I’m not going to spend my time here educating anyone on the differences between socialism, democratic socialism, capitalism, and mob rule, better known as a democracy.

Bernie Sanders is a self proclaimed “democratic socialist” even though he has never lived in a socialist country. He did however honeymoon in the Soviet Union.

I keep hearing all this praise for Bernie and all the free stuff he is going to give to the people of the United States if he is elected as our new new President. There’s a slight problem with that notion. Someone is going to have to pay for all that free stuff. Free college, free healthcare, etc. etc.

We already have sort of a free lower education system in place called a public school system which should be called a government school system. Of course there is absolutely nothing free about it. Ask any home own about that, especially the ones who have no children or have their children enrolled in a private school.

Taxes. That’s how all the free stuff gets paid for. It starts with the super wealthy. You know them. Those are the rich folks that provide all the jobs for us citizens so that we can pay for our own stuff and other peoples stuff through taxation.

Those are also the folks people complain about when they send jobs overseas to benefit from paying lower taxes so that they can sell us stuff at a lesser cost.

Citizens are sick of high taxes, unaffordable government mandated healthcare, less freedoms and liberties and big government spending that feeds special interest groups and personal political agendas. That my friends is why Donald Trump has such a huge following. He also will not be our next president.

Something needs to change soon, it has to to keep our nation alive. Socialism is not the answer to our problems. Getting a grip on all the politically correct nonsense might be a good start. That is the beginning of the end for freedom and liberty in America.

Has anyone of those mindless young Bernie followers ever once considered the idea of why so many people flock to our country from Mexico, Cuba, Europe and the middle east? Or how about why Americans aren’t packing up by the hundreds of thousands and taking permanent residence in their choice of ready made socialist countries? How about asking why the United Nations is located in the United States instead of China. -JRoycroft

Written by John Roycroft

02/06/2016 at 2:37 PM

Two thoughts

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Ted Cruz is catching it from the religious right for being dishonest and unchristian like. I learned a long time ago to never judge a person based on their religious beliefs. Learned that from my grandfather. He was God fearing man that would give a man the shirt off his back in a time of need. He was also racist. A real to the proper definition kind of racist, not the kind of label attached today just because someone got offended. You know, the racist label some people use whenever they disagree with the white folks. Ask them to tell you the difference between a racist and a bigot and they stare out into space confused.

Iowa has a history of being a bad indicator for choosing nominees. New Hampshire however has a history of being a pretty good indicator. Not that it really matters to you what I think, but we have little to choose from. This country is screwed regardless of who wins. The great American experiment is coming to a close. I’m thankful for living through some great times being proud of my country. Today I’m disgusted with our corrupt gov and sad for my kids future. -JRoycroft

Written by John Roycroft

02/05/2016 at 10:39 PM

Going Dark on my Facebook Account

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My Facebook news-feed has become over run with the typical leftist whiny shit that’s to be expected. Only this political season it seems to be doubly as bad as previous presidential election years.

So to keep my cool head about me and not fall into arguments over stupid political views from ignorant jerks, I’ll spouse my feelings here in the safe haven of my own little politically incorrect blogosworld.

Here’s what I put up on my FB Page minutes ago along with replacing my profile pic with a solid black square, going dark indicator. ‘While I’m in one of those moods, I’m probably going to go Facebook dark for a while. Like others, this politically charged social media outlet is getting irritating, and yes, I am contributing to it. It’s about time to crank up the blog again and do some heart felt venting here.

Some of you know where to find me. The rest will have to figure it out if you’re that curious, but should be warned. I am not a proggie. I actually don’t need the governments help and I most certainly don’t live in a village. I support my own family with a single salary and my wife is a stay at home mother to our two beautiful little girls and occasionally finds time to be a very well paid independent photographer. We are blessed to live the American dream. Seek and ye shall find. I’ll come back later to see how short my Facebook friends list got. No apologies here for speaking my mind. That I learned from my grandmother. She was a truly genuine good person and loved everyone. Even the black garbage man.’

So with that being said I will probably be doing a bit of venting, on my terms. -JRoycroft


Written by John Roycroft

02/04/2016 at 9:18 PM

Trumproids, Proggies and those damn Socialists

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It makes no difference if you want to make America great again if you have no clue what made America great in the first place.

Iowa brought out voters who have been sitting quietly waiting for this moment to shut Trump down. The silent majority spoke up. They’re sick of his personal attacks and foolishness. In my humble opinion it’s going to be a Cruz Rubio ticket. Voters, with the exception of the dumbed down students, will take to the polls with the intent on cleaning out the trash and killing off that unaffordable obamacare lie. By the way, can someone with some degree of intelligence please explain to me what exactly is meant by “affordable”? What is affordable about a govt forced plan that requires some people to take a subsidy to be able to pay for it? How is it affordable when my family medical plan went from $500 per month to over $1145 now? Never mind that doesn’t include the near $8,000 yearly deductible I would have to pay out of pocket along with the other 20% not covered. That is of course if I had not dropped the rip off medical plan just in time before this mess was created. Trust me, self pay with the tax penalty beats the hell out of any other option out there today.

Hillary and Bernie. Now there’s a match made in liberal heaven.

Hillary claims to be a Progressive which is way cooler sounding than being called a liberal nowadays. Same difference.

Then of course Bernie is a self proclaimed Democratic Socialist. That’s way cooler than being called a straight up Socialist. Same difference. ‘From each according to their means, to those according to their needs’

Hey, did you know that Bernie and his wife honeymooned in the Soviet Union? What a good little socialist is he!

I often wonder just what makes a person stay a liberal. I know that we are all born with the need to rely on someone to take care of us but eventually we must leave the nest and become independent thinkers and self sufficient.

Not liberals or socialists. They never grow up or leave the nest. Instead, their minds get so envelope in this idea that they must live in a village and rely on big government to provide for their every want and desire. They send their children to government schools to be indoctrinated/brainwashed into believing that mommy government is there to help, and only mommy government can provide them with proper guidance and means to survive in the real world. Mommy gov is always there to hold your hand. That was the original intent of the government being the educators.

Liberals/Socialists have no faith in their own abilities to succeed in life without government. That being the taxpayers who will ultimately be forced to pay for their stuff. Liberals/Socialists will vote for the person who will promise to take by force from someone else and give it to them. They are weak and will always take the path of least resistance. Of course Margaret Thatcher was exactly right when she said something to the effect that “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” I guess when there’s always someone there with a vote that needs to be had, there will always be a Paul to rob Peter for his support.

Our form of government has already outlived it’s expectations and it’s only a matter of time before it collapses. It’s destined to happen. This great American experiment, our Republic, will eventually end because people have become smart enough to know that they can vote for a living.-JRoycroft





Written by John Roycroft

02/02/2016 at 10:28 PM

The Two Faces of Trump

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You know the Donald seems to be on a spiral to landing a seat in our White House thanks to his massive mind numb following of myrmidons and the media which is giving him millions of dollars worth of free publicity and face time without him spending a dime of his own money.

Donald Trump is, in my opinion, one of the most dangerous, conniving, politicians that’s come along in quite some time. Actually, Trump reminds me of Jim Jones and his Jonestown followers. No matter what Trump says or how outrageous, “I’ll shoot somebody and won’t lose any voters.” Trumps followers just keep piling on.

We’ve all heard his comments in support of Hillary, single payer medical, and Obama which suddenly changed when he decided to run as a Republican. Why would such a devoted Democrat supporter from years back suddenly, seemingly overnight, make such a radical change of thought?

This man should not be trusted no matter what he says now. Everything he says today is completely opposite what he publicly stated over the past several years. The man is dangerous and people should really think long and hard about why he is doing this now.

A wolf in sheeps clothing may very well become our next POTUS if people don’t wake up and think. There are two faces on Donald Trump and he is using them masterfully which makes him the perfect politician. -JRoycroft

Written by John Roycroft

01/29/2016 at 9:30 PM

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